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ABOUT – Education.

Get Academically Smarter!

We help Elementary, Secondary, Intermediate, Undergraduate and Graduate learners to excel academically with resources that suit their learning styles. You will have access to a resourceful online classroom, assignments, a diverse range of study materials, online assessments and discussion board. We have a separate section for our elementary learners where we highly encourage them to read, write, get their stories featured on this website and earn a free certificate on the successful completion of our reading resources.

Build Yourself Professionally and Personally!

With our series of courses, certifications, lectures, informative videos and study materials, you will learn the skills needed to excel in the job market of future, prepare for your career, upgrade yourself professionally with on-demand T&D courses, obtain certificates, and all at your own pace!

We firmly believe in personal development too, and so we feature courses and articles on self-help, including soft skills needed to succeed in 21st century. As learners exercise their mental muscle with us, they:

  • Pursue cognitive development
  • Upskill themselves in their career
  • Succeed in personal life and relationships.


Our Talented Trainers

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Jai Perkash Batra

Founder Member - Hari Om Simranit's me Image

Aneel Kumar Seedani

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